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Socialshops is a mobile platform for manufacturers and wholesalers to conduct business information exchange, product promotion, and transactions. Socialshops is surely to be an optimal handheld business assistant for you.
The business communication App Socialshops, developed by, is a mobile platform for the upper- and lower-level manufacturers and wholesalers to conduct business information exchange, product promotion, and transactions. The Socialshops provides buyers and sellers with the most convenient communication and transaction functions concerning products and business information, including store establishment, product management, private business information communication, and business connection management.

Major features:
1、 Quickly create private online store
- Less than a minute, you can upload a new product
- Share listing/product with pictures and short description for just one second!
- Online Store creation and management

2、 Communicate safely and protectively with your business partners
- All information only opens to your friends on Socialshops
- Individual private chat with text, picture, and voice for totally free!
- Communicate with defined group for new products and promotion information

3、 Business network building, maintenance, and management
- Add friends and business partners from contacts
- Create groups easily and communicate with groups!
- Manage business partner with three levels; customize your discounts and prices by different levels!

4、 Business information updates in real time
- Real-time update your networks’ products
- Promotion information notification
Target Customers:
Socialshops provides services to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other users
1. Quick creation of a private store
You can add a product in seconds, which is visible to your business partners only. You can also share the product through WeChat or other social platforms at any time.
2. Private business information communication
The advanced chat function and the dynamic viewing function dedicated to business people can efficiently help you complete sales and procurement.

3. Easy management of business connections
The useful customer relationship management function helps you efficiently maintain business connections so as to expand business.

Detailed description of three functions mentioned above:

1. One-click publishing for new products
To upload a product, all you need to do is take a picture using your mobile phone and attach a short description. It only takes a few seconds!

2. Business dynamics tracing
Provide you with customers' trends and supplies' updates at the first time, helping you communicate with them in time for better sales and procurement.

3. Management of connections by group
Manage different customers by group in one click and push messages to customers in different groups.★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Additional information

  • CategoryNews & Magazines
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Date2015-12-21
  • Size7.22MB
  • SystemAndroid 2.3 or higher
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