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Famm - Baby&Kids Photo Album


Famm is the best home application ever. Save great family moments online and share them with your loved ones. Famm is a free application that allows you to share your baby photo albums, baby magazines and private photos in a fun and easy way.

- You can upload photos very quickly, easily share photos with your spouse, family and close friends at any time and anywhere.
- Single people can also use Famm.
Up to 20 images can be uploaded at the same time.
- Create your own family collage album:
Famm will automatically select photos and create monthly development milestones.
Useful to make baby care diary. Baby Age is displayed automatically.
- Easily sort and organize photos.
- Messaging feature available. Texting will be part of the children " s magazine.
- Write a comment on your favorite snapshots to save.
- Absolutely private and secure, only sharing photos with the most important people. Famm is a closed sns (sns: social networking service).
- No need to back up photos. Your photos will be transferred to online storage and stored automatically.
- Famm will automatically send notices about the 100th anniversary, half a year before birthdays, birthdays and celebrations.
It is also possible to share photos with your loved ones via facebook, line and twitter.
- Use Famm as a life-book with different stages of life, from a lovely baby, toddler, to young, to adult.

Every special moments, stories and beautiful souvenirs of your family will be gathered in Famm.