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Republic of Korea 1 real estate app!
Studio apartment, studio, from turum
Now the apartment is rectangular rectangular!

▶ rectangular assured everyone the Republic of Korea to be able to get home
Studio apartment, studio, turum has extended the service to the apartment as well.

In addition, rectangular Commercial offers reliable information thoroughly relieved rectangular system.
Now compare what you want to find a house for sale in rectangular - all meticulously

● newer rectangular: studio apartment, studio, apartment extension services in turum! Rectangular and has been further renewed the UI reform.

● Apartments information collected directly: 100% visit easily and accurately transfer the information taken into storytelling mode and graphics.

● The actual inhabitants of the real review: Please confirm every detail about just live through a review of the actual apartment residents.

● immersive 360 ​​VR: Check the apartment apartment around 360 VR image information through a direct shot he walked only with snow.

● Brokers assured: Give peace of mind, peace of mind recording services, heotgeoleum Compensation, became more thoroughly assured the rectangular system and pass them to the relief agents fanned out system! Now your old home and at ease in a rectangular -

● Rent Assistance Scheme: life 365 days a year goes hyperlocal rent assistance benefits, it will support a maximum of one year's worth of monthly rent.

▶ Another feature of the honey. "Indeed ball! Come up room"

Need a studio, turum, brokerage office building?
If you enter the studio, turum, officetels information you need an intermediary,
Once around every brokerage firm I can bring the studio, turum, office building vacancy.
Studio, turum, office building, when available apartments, studios, rectangular that can bring peace of mind when turum studio apartment!

▶ rectangular Republic of Korea 1 real estate app! Studio, turum, office building, apartments are available even rectangular rectangular!

● studios, turum, studio apartment for sale 1 above, the user can first place, one can search over

● Open service apartments! (Starting May 6 2016)

● Korea's first studio, turum, studio apartment, apartments jeonwolse Real Estate app (Start Services from January 2012)

● Brand / services target achieved three gold medals!
- Korea Mobile Awards 2015 - real estate information service targets
- The Best of the Best Brand Awards 2015 - Target Mobile Services Division
- Mobile Brand Award 2015 - the target mobile real estate sector

▶ Official Site & SNS

● Main:

● Facebook:

● Blog:

● ensuite relief campaign page:

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  • Date2015-12-21
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  • SystemAndroid 2.3 or higher
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