Place safe, reliable and fast cars with Grab (formerly GrabTaxi). With the largest network of Southeast Asian drivers, Grab offers the fastest car rental service for taxis, private cars, motorbikes and much more. Grab allows you to choose the service at any price, suitable for all your moving needs.

GrabTaxi: High-end or high-class taxi service from the largest taxi system in Southeast Asia.
GrabCar: Move with your own private car. GrabCar tells you the rates of your trip as soon as you book your car.
* GrabBike: Move around the city as fast as you can.
* GrabExpress: Deliver your goods and documents to recipients with a reliable delivery service.
* GrabHitch: Take a ride or ride with Grab " s car sharing community.
(* Currently only available in selected countries)

Whether with GrabTaxi, GrabCar or any of our other services, you can be assured of a move as Grab takes care of safety training, direct driver selection and integrates safety features in Applications such as passenger telephone number security, voluntary accident insurance packages, passenger safety instructions as well as close cooperation with local authorities during the operation. This has helped Grab become one of the best moving solutions in Southeast Asia!

You can choose to pay by cash, credit card, or coming in as a convenient payment application. You will also receive an electronic bill at the end of your trip.

How to "Grab":
Download the application for free and register your Grab account.
Start booking now! The application will automatically update the pickup point for you. Then, set the point you want to go to.
Confirm your car with the driver and follow the route when the driver arrives.

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